Over the last eight years, I've had the privilege of working both in the US and abroad for progressive agencies and iconic brands. I've worked with many talented people who have taught me a lot along the way.

I'm currently a Senior Interaction Designer / Developer for Cinco Design, in Portland OR. I have a BS in Business and experience in design, advertising and e-commerce.

Over the past few years I have worked on several personal projects. A few of these projects have evolved into new found passions.

When not working, I can be found playing soccer or walking the neighborhood with Lauren & Maggie.


Recent work

Nextbit | July 2015

We're in the process of helping launch Nextbit. Nextbit, the secretive startup launched by former Googlers Tom Moss and Mike Chan. Stay tuned to see what they're up too.

I designed and developed their current website and I'm excited to continue working with the brand on the way to their launch.

Carbon3D | May 2015

We helped Carbon3D, a startup with groundbreaking technology, emerge from stealth mode. Carbon3D is bringing a fresh perspective to the challenges of 3D printing with groundbreaking technology. By carefully balancing the interaction of light and oxygen, CLIP continuously grows objects from a pool of resin.

I supported design and development of the Carbon3D website behind the creative direction of Shawn Petersen.

More work +

Gogoro | December 2014

Gogoro is a smart energy company based out of Taiwan and they have created the electric scooter of the future.

I supported UX and design of the Gogoro website behind the creative direction of Shawn Petersen.

The Sacred Fig | June 2014

The Sacred Fig provides inspiration and focus through world-class yoga teacher trainings & retreats, in the most awe-inspiring locations around the globe.

I helped craft the business plan, created a visual identy, designed and developed the website and directed all digital communication.

Personal projects

Beard Season | June 2013

Beard Season is a global movement turning beards into lifesaving conversation starters; challenging you, your friends and family to book a skincheck for melanoma.

Our goal was to leverage the popularity of beards to promote skin cancer awareness. I helped concept the idea, shaped our strategy and designed and developed the website.

Photography | Ongoing

I have been in love with photography for as long as I can remember. I have shot campaigns for Roxy, Quiksilver, Purina, AMP Bank and the Bible Society of Australia. More recently I have art directed shoots at Ford Motors and Legacy Effects.

A few years ago I started some personal collections. I contrubte to them when I have time. Take a look and let me know what you think.